There is a growing worldwide trend of owning (and renting!) a supercar amongst young and well-to-do professionals of our day and age, and the UK is certainly no exception. A recent study by Autoweek has put the United Kingdom in an honorable 27th place among all of the world’s supercar-loving nations. A supercar is, in fact, more than just a status symbol meant to turn heads in the street: driving a car this powerful is an experience of true luxury. Its contrasting smooth and sharp edges, the melodious hum of the car’s engine, the way it rolls beastlily along the pavement, the quality and expertise that goes into making a supercar and that can be felt from the very second of your stepping your foot in it – these are all enchanting sensations and no car enthusiast will fail to appreciate them.


However, owning one of these gorgeous creations, these miracles of modern engineering, is notoriously expensive and, while most of us can hardly stop dreaming about it, only a lucky few actually go through with the purchase. Can you be one of them? And, if you can indeed afford a supercar, is the investment truly worth it? Here is a handy list of considerations that we have compiled in order to help you make your decision.

  1. Supercars are really as expensive as they are said to be. The prices within the supercar market are enough to scare most of the potential buyers away – it is indeed a huge cost (and, occasionally, an investment) which has to be carefully thought out. According to Bloomberg, the standard price of a McLaren 570GT is around £150,000 in London’s dealerships, while a Rolls-Royce Ghost will cost you about £216,000. The prices may vary in different countries (a Range Rover Diesel, for example, is £6000 cheaper if bought in New York instead of London) – however, after you add up the exorbitant shipping fees and the time it takes to transport your car safely from one end of the world to another, the price difference loses its significance completely.
  2. A supercar requires continuous maintenance – and it is costly. The spending does not end once you purchase a supercar. Take a Ferrari, for example. Depending on its model, an oil change alone might cost you as many as £780 – and then there is the average price of spark plugs (£2330), belts (£3100), clutch repair (£1950- £5000) and, of course, insurance (as many as £7800 a year). You absolutely must consider your circumstances before taking on such a costly responsibility.
  3. Interested in a vintage supercar? Prepare for extra taxes! Vintage cars have a charm of their own and they might be cheaper than a brand new Rolls-Royce but keep in mind that their high emissions and safety gear that is not up to modern standards will probably come with some extra taxes. Most governments charge them simply because the majority of vintage cars would be street-illegal otherwise. Not to mention that finding a vintage car at your local dealership is unlikely and shipping it from abroad costs thousands of pounds.
  4. If you think that buying a cheap used supercar is a good idea, you might want to think again. It is not uncommon to come upon a used 400-horsepower car that costs less than £8000 on today’s market. The lure of a cheap supercar is, of course, hard to resist – now take a deep breath and refer back to our second point. The maintenance of a used car is even harder to keep up with. A cheap Ferrari 355 can easily set you back as many as £30,000 over as little as 1000 miles. If your wallet does not go that deep or your income is not completely stable, buying a used supercar is a risk that you should not take.

The prospects of owning a supercar might seem a bit bleak at this point. It requires continuous investments of both money and effort. This is probably why the supercar hire industry is currently one of the fastest growing markets on the planet. A service like this combines the best of both worlds: that is, it allows you to enjoy the many pleasures of sitting behind the wheel of a truly luxurious vehicle and takes its maintenance off your hands. Here at Supercars London we work tirelessly to ensure that such an experience is available to every passionate car enthusiast out there at a price which he, or she, can actually afford.