The demand for supercar rental services has been on a consistent rise all over the world lately – the UK included. The most loyal customers of the growing industry swear by the balance between an affordable price and a truly luxurious experience that is offered by the rental businesses around the country. Supercars London has long been at the forefront of this new blossoming branch – however, among other questions that they have asked us, some of our clients are still unsure about the kinds of events and occasions that the business is targeting. The truth is that you do not HAVE to wait for a special occasion to give yourself the pleasure of driving a powerful vehicle but, in case you are wondering where the majority of such a huge demand comes from, here are some of the most popular reasons which lead the people to our door.

  1. Celebrating special events. Whether you are getting married and want to drive up to the church in a spectacular Ferrari, are planning a luxurious birthday party or are dreaming about impressing your former classmates at a school reunion, a supercar is sure to get the job done. Most of our customers come to us looking for a way to make their special occasion completely unforgettable. The cost of renting a supercar is not at all huge and the payback, they say, is more than worth it!
  2. Advertising. If you want to give your advertising strategy an extra boost, hiring a supercar is an excellent idea. We have worked with numerous businesses over the years and have witnessed the effectiveness of supercars every time. They are designed to attract attention – and what more could you want if you are trying to sell a product or a service? Some of the biggest brands in the world, including Nike, Disney and Microsoft, utilised luxury cars as an essential part of their marketing campaigns and reaped the fruit of such a decision.
  3. Selling a house. A survey carried out by Avis has shown that a third of house sellers believe that having a luxury car parked in their driveway makes their property much more appealing to potential buyers. The car doesn’t have to be your own – you probably won’t make such a sizeable purchase just because you need to get a property off your hands, so hiring it is obviously the best decision that you could make. It increases the value of your house in an instant and lends an affluent aspect to the area that it is located in.
  4. Rewarding exceptional employees. Keeping the morale of the staff up is always one of the biggest priorities of every business and a day in a supercar is perfect for the purpose. A lot of our clients use our services as a way to reward exceptional performance within their team and they can certainly attest to the effectiveness of such an idea. It makes their employees feel appreciated and leads to even better results in the future.
  5. Travelling abroad. If you are a proud owner of a supercar and are travelling to the other side of the world, bringing your car with you is not the best of ideas – nor is leaving the luxury that you are accustomed to behind. Renting a supercar is a growing trend amongst rich Middle Eastern tourists and currently accounts for a large part of the rental market. There is a good reason behind such an increase as well – a one-way flight of a luxury car can cost its owner as many as £12,000, while a day out in a hired vehicle sets him or her back a comparatively measly sum of around £400.
  6. Having fun. After all, you don’t need a special occasion to treat yourself to an amazing experience. For the biggest supercar fanatics out there, hiring a luxury vehicle simply because they can brings even more pleasure than waiting around for an event of some kind. A supercar rental service allows them to live out their dreams without emptying their pockets!

You don’t have to be an Arab sheikh in order to live like one – even if it is just for a day or two. Supercars London is dedicated to the cause of bringing the joys of driving a luxury car to everybody, whatever their income or the reasons behind making use of our amazing services.